About Novella Capital

Our mission

To enable land development projects in growth areas of Australian capital cities creating individual lots for first home buyers and investors. Novella finance and private equity tools enable a dynamic approach to development finance and maximisation of project returns, creating wealth through property for our investors.

Our goal

To create wealth through property for our investors whilst enabling a variety of investment levels within the reach of everyone. Novella Capital will always carefully consider, minimize and mitigate the associated investment risks.

How we will achieve it

Understanding the regulatory drivers and population growth demands of Australian Capital Cities, Novella Capital works with land owners and councils to create sustainable communities in sought after locations. Each project is focused on the end purchaser, enabling rapid sales and early de-risking of the investment. Novella Capital is committed to high project transparency through clear communication with our investors.



Darawatta Alexander

Managing Director

Darawatta is passionate about sustainable communities for our Australian families and seeing every Australian achieve the dream of buying land and home for either their family or as an investor. He has successfully delivered this dream in three projects he initiated and successfully managed. Darawatta has extensive experience in the entire process of conducting due diligence, land purchase, development application, financing and selling property. His leadership and management of the team according to a vision and strategic plan has been the key factor delivering the expected value.


Asanga Liyanaarachchi

Non-Executive Director

Asanga has had over ten years’ experience in a variety of businesses and working in Australia. He has graduated in 2006 with Bachelor of Computing at University of Western Sydney. Networking professional with several years experience in troubleshooting technical issues in complex datacenter and enterprise environments. Always looking for new ways and elegant solutions to make processes more efficient and streamlined in both operation and troubleshooting of networks. Asanga is passionate about continuous improvement and helping others to achieve best practice outcomes for Project improvement initiatives.


Callum Sheehan

Executive Director

Callum is a motivated individual who has been a successful investor for more than 10 years, throughout this time not only he has been a long term property investor, share investor but also he possess the experience and knowledge of short term and long term market fluctuations. Callum has been in the Vocational Educational and Training (VET) sector for more than 15 years and has been involved in many marketing campaigns and had the opportunity to engage with many large and small businesses through the apprenticeship and traineeship programme. Working in the VET sector he has also managed different educational projects, which was initiated by both federal and state governments, hence Callum possess a boundless knowledge in Project Management.